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Episode 60 - UFOs and Vape Raids

This week on Ownlife we discuss the recent "UFO" sighting in California. Of course, the US Navy has claimed it to be a missile testing, but we're just not so sure we believe that. Do you believe in aliens? I do. The truth is out there. If aliens vaped, what do you think their vaping technology would be like?

We also talk about the recent vape raids in Malaysia, which come right after a claim the Government would reject a ban on vaping. Over 300 stores in Malaysia have had product confiscated in the nationwide raids. The vaping community took a big hit in Malaysia and with the pending FDA regulations here in the US it looks the future of vaping is in real danger.

Hear about all this and more in this weeks episode of Ownlife!

And if you're a resident of Malaysia or know someone who has been affected by these raids please share your story with us in the comments!



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